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Variabilichromis moori

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I just received 6 juvies, and placed them in a 55 with a multi's (colony), buescheri (breeding pair and a few fry), and S. lucipinnis (8, seldom seen). Loads of cover, rockpiles, shells, and barnacle clusters. Anyone kept these in a community tank? Potential problems when they mature?
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They AGGRESSIVELY defend a spawn. I've been told nearly as aggressively as brichardi do. I have six now as well, two in one tank, four in another. They've only been in the tanks for a couple of days, and a couple of weeks in the other instance. I'll report back how they do, though they are in with more fish, and tougher fish than you have.

The buescheri will probably hold their own, I have doubts about the multis.
I found em to be a pain. Managed to breed them but at a high cost to tank mates.
I eventually put the adult pair in with far larger fish. Bad move.
Too large as it got stuck in a uropthalmus's mouth and had to be removed by forceps. :(
Put that guy off live food for the rest of his life! :lol:

A seriously hard fish to breed without damage to tank mates, I think.

Though someone has the trick as 3" TB turn up in the shops here very cheap.

Big species tank with multiple pairs may be the trick?
These are a long way from breeding, they're still smaller than the multi's. Not a shy species, they seem to hang out in the open now that they've settled in. The buescheri aren't nearly as visible, even at feeding time.
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