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Vacuuming Sand

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I just changed the substrate in my tank from whiteish gravel to sand ( I believe it is silica sand, it was labeled as landscaping sand but the consistency looks like silica). I use to vacuum my gravel once a week with my python hose. What I want to know is what is the best way to keep the sand clean? Can it be vacuumed like the gravel? If so does anyone have any tips for doing it? Also, I have some holey rock and large river rocks dispersed throughout. Do I need to remove the rocks periodically to clean under them? If so, how often? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!!!
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check this out It gives a good overview of cleaning sand.

As for rocks, big ones shouldn't rest on the sand they should rest on the bottom of the tank or eggcrate. There is no reason why you shouldn't move tsmall rocks around, keeps the fish interested and will make cleaning the sand easier :thumb:
Oh Wow. That was extremely helpful. I will just get me a bucket! My rocks are on top of the sand but all of them are small and movable except for 2 big pieces of holey rock. Should I try to seat this down into the sand more? Is that a problem?
If your fish dig under or beside the Holey rock it could undermind the stability. The sand will shift as if almost a fluid and could topple a stacked pile or the one large piece could rollover. Most recomend a small layer of sand then the larger rocks followed by the remaining sand to the desired depth.
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