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So as previously mentioned I lost my female of my angelfish pair. I didn't aim for a pair, but got lucky with the two I got. From day one they gravitated towards eachother despite having never met prior. Eventually you could see the male strutting his stuff, roughing her a little, but she always came back for more and they stuck together. Eventually they spawned and were pretty much always together. Unfortunatly I lost the female for unknown reasons.

So I replaced her with a smaller angel of undetermined gender. But the behaviour so far seems notably different. The new fish seems to be wanting to map out a territory. Both are staying out of eachothers way for the most part. Actually the new fish, despite being smaller is chasing, nipping, the male. Nothing major, just like establishing rank.

I can't tell from the breeding tube, but based on the difference in behaviour is it safe to assume that I've ended up with two males? Or is this no real indicator and no real way to tell. It's only been a week I should mention. I really did enjoy, the way the two angels stuck together and schooled through the plants and the tetras. But it doesn't look i'm going to end up with the same dynamic or is it too early to tell? Thanks.
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