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I have got 55 gallon Peacock cichlid tank. And am having 2 filters in the tank
1. Power head (left side) (image attached)
2. Air Pump Sponge filter (2 sponge + 2 air stones)

I use the filters alternatively.

My main filter is Air Pump Sponge filter which runs for about 20-22 hours/day

My secondary filter (power head) is kind of backup filter and I user it 2-4 hrs / day to give some rest to main filter (this also makes sure that my secondary filter will be up and running at the time of emergency)

Now my concern is :
1. Does using the 2 filters alternatively can harm the beneficial bacteria residing in filters?( on of the filters will be on and tank is properly oxygenated)

2. Will this promote birth of harmful bacteria and will kill my fishes in the tank? (16 fishes - its not overcrowded)

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