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Noticed two of my platys (community tank with keyholes) have a white line under their fins, back fin and maybe underneath, best to view the video. Wouldn't let me upload directly so it's a google photo storage link

What could this be and how can I treat it?

There are 2 tiny baby keyholes, four adult platys, four honey gouramis. I'm concerned if the honeys or keyholes had the same it wouldn't be easy to see. Meant to be rehoming the platys this weekend as got 10 new emerald eyesport rasbora in quarantine :(

API 7.8, 0, 0, 40 - tap water 30, water change day tomorrow. Should I do a bigger water change? My water is very hard.

Posting now when I should be asleep as I know where there was an Esha delivery Thursday but will be gone in 24 hours as selfish people are stockpiling, need to go at 9am if I need. This is the only medicine people seem to rate in the UK.

Thanks in advance
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