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Updated Tank Pics With Lots of Mbuna

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Sorry, I still haven't found the cord for my good digital camera (ordered a new one yesterday), but I just had to post some pics (3.1 MP) of my updated stocking list :D :D :D

13 - P. Demasoni sub adult
13 - P. Socolofi Albino juvie/sub adult
9 - L. Caeruleus Electric Yellow (One holding in the 20G)
5 - P. Acei Yellow Tail
1 - Aulonocara Firefish "Dragon's Blood"

Of course, I am planning on selling some of the fish as they mature so that I can obtain the proper M:F ratio, the Demasoni being the exception. Thanks for looking, and sorry for the 3.1 MP pics. :oops:

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I see from "ads" that the Firefish isn't long for the tank.

Great aquascape.

I think the full tank shots will look a lot better once your demasoni get a little bigger and show some stronger blues!

Yah, the peacock is still listed for sale, but I don't think my wife will let me get rid of him. He's pretty happy though. The tank is much better in person than as seen through a crappy camera :oops:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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