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The main point is that you provide them at least 1m length and the bottom of 40-50cm.
If you can provide them that space you can have all from the first list without any problem.

In one of my aq. (100cm x 43cm x 50cm) complete free to swim aquarium (complete mentioned area is for them, filter&stuff is not included in this area) I have following:

Pseudotropheus demasoni 10pcs
Pseudotropheus "neon spot" 6pcs
Pseudotropheus Saulosi 8pcs
Labidochromis Pearlmutt 7pcs
Pseudotropheus Socolofi 4pcs

And everything is working just great. I just selected two males of every species and others are females, they have enough caves and send digging area.

You just relax and put them in to the Aq.

As respectable why_spyder mentioned Ps. Socolofi CAN be a little problem but not necessarily. If other are older and biger then Ps.Soc. Male at the beginning of forming your Aq. You should not have any problems with them.

I (unfortinatly :oops: ) still don't have any Cynothilapia s o I cannot tell you much about them, but I hope I will purchase some soon. :)
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