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So my mixed tank seems to be doing great. I added some fake plants since they seem to want to eat my live ones (no big deal). I'm still waiting on my slate rocks to come in. They seem to be spreading out more now and picking areas. No one seems to be getting singled out or beaten up. Mr. Eyebiter is integrating with the other fish more now.

I noticed today one of my fish seems to have a little bit of a sunken belly. I'm not seeing any sign of parasites or anything else in the tank, no onr acting weird.... so I think he wasn't getting enough food possibly. I was feeding on the lighter side (avoiding malawi bloat) but I gave a heavier feed and watched him to make sure he ate which he did. One other fish attempted to chase him away when I first added food but they mellowed out. Hoping it's just that he didn't eat enough.

Anyway, so far it seems to be a pretty happy tank and they are starting to show more color and iridescence. I hope they will be nice and colorful when they get more comfortable and grow a little.


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