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Unknown illness (Heximedia??)

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Hello folks, Hope all are doing well. I have had a reoccurring problem that I simply cannot get a handle on. I have several large tanks with Malawi as well as Tanganyikans. I have, over the past 2 years, lost various (~10-12 fish) to some type of condition that has always manifested itself in the same way on each affected fish. The best way I can describe it is that they simply wither away to nothing and die. The first fish I noticed this problem with was a 5" Ornatus. He was looking great, eating well and quite active. Not aggressive in the least nor was he being pushed around. He began to loose his color & took on a grey tint. He also began to develop a sunken belly, although he ate ravenously & they see to take on a "boney" look to them as if they are loosing muscle mass. I especially notice this in their head in that they look like skin stretched over a skull, no meat. I took him out of the tank & placed him in a med tank & treated with Metro. After about 3 to 4 weeks he got his color back. For about 2 months, he had beautiful color (he was even darker than he originally was). Then, almost overnight, he turned gray again & was dead within a week. These types of symptoms fit almost every fish I have lost over the past 2 years. I have currently lost 3 more Ornatus (1 male & females) to this same situation. Currently I have a Tyranichromis Nigerventure who is going through the same situation. My water chem is good, I do water changes, I feed NLS Thera A and the occasional freeze dried Krill (soaked first). I have also occasionally fed the Cichlid Attach (HBH) food as I understood that would tend to make them put on a little additional weight. One other common symptom I see in all of the affected fish is that when they eat, they almost seem to have to "force" the food down as if they cannot swallow it. I feed 1.0 &b 2.0 MM food so food size is not an issue. I am quite concerned because my last remaining Ornatus make is starting to take on these same symptoms & I am really getting tired of loosing fish. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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You describe what sounds like an internal parasite.
What's your typical water change schedule like? Did you treat with a metro bath or soaked food?
Did you quarantine and treat all fish individually or whole tanks?
Thanks for the response, I change h20 about every 2 weeks. As far as isolation of the affected fish, I do isolate them, I have used The Jehmco brand powdered Metro. I have not soaked any food in Metro but I have fed metro flake as well as Oxytet flake. My iso tank is a small 10 gallon, How much Metro would you suggest I put in the 10 gallon. My Nigerventure is gong to go back into the iso tank tonight.

I would treat both the main tank and the 10g with Jungle Parasite Clear. While metro works well as an anti-bacterial, it's limited to protozoan parasites. The Praziquantel in Jungle works against a wider variety of parasites.
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