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Unimportant thread

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I'm just kinda excited and surprised. I saw 2 teeny tiny fry in our tank yesterday. They were hiding under the rock that's the floor of the big male red zebra's cave. I dunno what kind they are. I didn't even notice any holding. I kinda hope one makes it and doesn't get eaten just because it's my first babies.

When I lifted the rock the 2 were under, one baby went one way and the other a different direction. I kept my eye on one and saw the new rock it hid under. I ran and got the breeder net/box and turned it upside down over the rock, like a cage. I had to put a rock on top to keep it from floating off. I sat there and watched and saw the little guy come out a couple times. There were small gaps where the top (now the bottom) of the breeder box met the gravel and I knew the little guy could get out but fingured it wouldn't stray to far from the rock for a good while, at least until hubby got home from work and saw it. Wrong! By the time he got home it was gone and he didn't believe me that I saw a couple babies. Sooooo I told him to put on his reading glasses and watch very closely as I lifed the rock that was the floor to the zebras cave again. It was taking a chance but sure enough there was a baby under it again. At least he knows I'm not crazy now...well, he knows I wasn't seeing things that weren't there lol.
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:lol: CDMOK that's to funny.
I've already noticed a female auratus hanging out at the rock it's under and she acts like she knows there's something under there. Maybe they are hers? or maybe she wants a snack....or both?I have the grandkids this weekend and promised myself I wouldn't worry about the fish until Monday except to feed them. I've got a feeling I'll be tearing the tank apart Monday morning though.
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