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I'm just kinda excited and surprised. I saw 2 teeny tiny fry in our tank yesterday. They were hiding under the rock that's the floor of the big male red zebra's cave. I dunno what kind they are. I didn't even notice any holding. I kinda hope one makes it and doesn't get eaten just because it's my first babies.

When I lifted the rock the 2 were under, one baby went one way and the other a different direction. I kept my eye on one and saw the new rock it hid under. I ran and got the breeder net/box and turned it upside down over the rock, like a cage. I had to put a rock on top to keep it from floating off. I sat there and watched and saw the little guy come out a couple times. There were small gaps where the top (now the bottom) of the breeder box met the gravel and I knew the little guy could get out but fingured it wouldn't stray to far from the rock for a good while, at least until hubby got home from work and saw it. Wrong! By the time he got home it was gone and he didn't believe me that I saw a couple babies. Sooooo I told him to put on his reading glasses and watch very closely as I lifed the rock that was the floor to the zebras cave again. It was taking a chance but sure enough there was a baby under it again. At least he knows I'm not crazy now...well, he knows I wasn't seeing things that weren't there lol.
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Wait til they get brave enough to scare you to death...They'll come further and further out of the rock, and then you'll realize one of your large fish have noticed them and seem to be stalking them...I squeeled one night and startled my husband on the couch beside me!

If my memory serves me right, we were up quite late tearing the tank apart looking for the little guy to "rescue" him! :lol:

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