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Hey there! I was wondering if adding a blue neon to my current setup would be a no-no? Someone is giving one away and if it will work I would like to have the fish!

Tank is 125G - 6ft

5 yellow labs
6 maingano
5 rusties
7 acei
2 OB peacocks (males)
a few syno multis

The largest mbuna are maybe 2.5 inches most are around 1.5-1.75

The OB's are 2.5-3 and the blue neon is 3+ inches

If it won't be a huge issue to add him, I do plan on remodeling a bit so everyone has to re-establish territory.

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I would pass. I found the blue neon to be timid and thus not a good fit with your aggressive mbuna and hybrid peacocks. I would expect the fish not to color up.
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