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Unbenknownst fish II (now with pictures!)

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I had written the pictures' URL wrong, but...

I just bought a couple of fish in a new pet shop, from the typical "mixed cichlids" tank. I don't even know if they are really malawis or otherwise.

I would apprecieate your helping me identify their species. Here they are:

I'm pretty sure these are Pseudotropheus carbro, but I'd like to hear you.

I would like to have a better camera. This guy and his buddy have 6 or faint stripes, dark colored, from top to bottom of their bodies, just that they dont show in the picture.

Well, see you fish freaks!
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The first one is difficult to tell, but they aren't Ps. crabro.

Second one looks to be Pseudotropheus ornatus.
1. Placidochromis milomo
2. Pseudotropheus sp Elongatus Ornatus (Likoma Island Elongatus)
the first one looks like a lake vic one that i saw a pic of but you should check out.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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