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I have a 175 bow front Oceanic tank. It has a pre-installed overflow with sump. I have crushed coral as my substrate. It gets fairly dirty and vacuuming the substrate is a pain and it seems impossible to get all of the dirt. I was reading about UGJs and thinking (That is my problem) this would solve my problem with the dirt. I have a few questions:

Could I run an UGJ system from my sump without drilling my tank?
I thought I could add a second pump to my sump and run PVC behind the tank and down to the bottom to power the UGJs. But I am worried that if pump stop the water will over flow onto my floor. I know I can use one way flow values but they fail.

Second how many jets do I need?

Does a UGJ system work well with a overflow?

Could Install a system without removing my fish?
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