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UGJ, the perfect design

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Well I don't have it, but I installed a simple UGJ in my 20 gallon to see how best I might design my UGJ in my eventual 125.

You guys probably have observed the same and different things.

Here is what I noticed.

1. just two UGJ in a 20 gallon did a good job of suspending the waste...ok
2. Forward blowing jets just made sure the waste was suspended and didn't aide in getting the waste to the filter intake.
3. it takes a while for suspended matter to finally make it to the filter.
4. Forward blowing jets prevent the waste in some cases from going into the filter intake (I'd imagine if they blew forward and most of that water momentum bounced off the front glass and backwards it would be better, but the one blowing forward in the back right only really helped suspend waste).
5. The perfect design in my mind might be one in which jets blow backwards or blows forward and uses the glass to direct the flow backwards towards the intakes. As long as there is still enough current to make sure waste doesn't settle in hte back corners, all the media should find its way backwards where the filter intake can do its job.

I had a design idea only to a few people say it wasn't a good one. I now am thinking about installing one similar, but with a few tweaks.

I'll try to add a backwards blowing jets in the middle of the tank somewhere, and I think my 125 will have 9 jets instead of just 6. Also, I'll have each pump on its own system.
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thats similar to the one i made for my 55.worked great.i also put a jet in the middle of the cross tube.
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