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Hello, I'm using an UGJ system and I have it powered by my sump pump. The pump is rated at 1321 GPH and max of 14' head. I have it run through 1/2" vinyl hose to connect to a 1/2" PVC for the UGJ system. I have a closed loop system with 7 jets. The water is traveling up around 5 feet so I figured I had about 1000 GPH after head loss and figure another 200 loss through the PVC for the closed loop. That leaves 800GPH divided up amongst 7 jets, I fired the system up today and it barely feels like anything is coming out of the jets but there is a decent ammount of water moving through the sump. Do I just need to cut back on the number of jets? Say down to 4 jets.

Also, do pumps lose effectiveness over time? This pump is about 5 years old and used to be on my saltwater tank, then it just sat for the last year in a box.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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