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ugj question

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You may have noticed my posting for the sump size and also mentioning my ugj system. But I figured this would probably be better for starting under a new topic. I have the ugj system built and received my two rio 2100 pumps today. I was looking at them and wondering. Do you use the suction cups to fasten the pump to the glass or does it just rest on the pvc pipe? I have been looking at this and the brackets don't look like they would let me use the suction cups with the way I think my pumps will be setting. Looks like the brackets will be facing up on the pump instead of on the side. My ugj is 1/2" pvc.

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Mine rio 2100 just rests on the pvc pipe that connected to it.

Nice design :thumb:

I read that you dyed the PVC in rite dye in a pan. How did you do the process? I've read that you have to boil the dye onto the PVC. Is this not the case? What did you do? It looks great!
Thanks for the reply. Thats what I did. I put the dye in and brought the water to a slight boil and then added the pvc. I let it set in the slightly boiling pot for 30 to 45 min. Long process, but I think it turned out good.
Mine just rests on the pvc as well.. Some pumps come with suction cups and might ensure it stays in place.

For the first time since i switched to sand, i was cleaning my tank the other day and knocked one of my pumps loose.. sand blew EVERYWHERE but settled quickly..
Whenever i dyed my pvc, it shrunk. But it came out amazing.

My pumps just rest on the pvc, but a suction cup would only add extra support, which i do not see a problem in.
advantage to dye for the PVC over just painting with Krylon Fusion?
i had the krylon start peeling after a year or so of stuck real well in spots but came off on others.
Hey fuzz, my pvc shrunk to. Did you you have to glue your jets in the 45's to keep them from blowing off, or where they fine?
How is the best way to mount the marineland pre filter kit to the rio 2100's? I got them in today and tried to put them on. The pre filter was to big to go on the pump and with the ring that goes in it, it made it to small to fit on the pump. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Where can you find the Marineland prefilter kit?
Can anyone tell me how they installed the pre filter?
i used it on a penguin powerhead,which its designed for.not sure how you would connect it to a rio.
Is the ring you speak of an o-ring? How hard did you try to force it on? Did you try putting the o-ring on the intake of the powerhead and then putting the prefilter onto it? Doing it that way would allow you to press the oring into the prefilter while it is already on the powerhead.

If that doesn't work you can always use silicone, put the silicone on the powerhead intake and then slip the prefilter on let it cure for at least 24 hours. Put enough silicone on so that nothing can get through. You would put the silicone on the ioutside of the intake to avoid the silicone blocking the inside of the intake. Of course you would do this where the powerhead and prefilter are standing vertical while curing.
I saw that you used 1/2" pvc pipe, but the outlet of the Rio 2100 is 3/4. I am trying to put together a list of thing I need to buy to something very similar to what you have - how did you connect the pvc to the Rio 2100 pump?
I haven't hooked it up just yet. I am still trying to hook up the pre filter. Making progress tho.
fishwolfe said:
i had the krylon start peeling after a year or so of stuck real well in spots but came off on others.
No, i just re-did the whole thing, annd they stuck. I brought it up to a boil, put in the pieces fo 5 minutes, removed from heat and let sit over night. Worked fine.

sorry to thread jack.
My ugj is done. One step closer to water in tank.

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