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I have a 210 gallon SA black/soft water cichilid community tank consisting of:

4 Uaru amphiacanthoides
2 Satanoperca leucosticta
1 Geophagus dicrozoster
5 red head Tapajos earth eaters unsure of exact species.
2 Burquina vittata
1 Krobia
5 red tail hemiodus
12 Brochis splendens
1 Acaronia nassa
1 Hoplarchus psittacus

My uaru are guarding a cloud of free swimming fry and the male is doing a good job of keeping the curious out. By my estimation this is 2nd or possibly 3rd day post hatch and I'm wondering if I should try and move the fry to a grow out tank or just wait a bit more. The acaronia worries me the most since he's pretty sneaky - I may have to chalk this batch of fry up to luck and maybe move the parents (wasn't even aware I had a pair since the female spent a lot of time off by herself) to their own tank and try again.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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