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Hi all.

Two quick questions. I have heard people use quilt batting in their filters. I bought some, and as soon as I started the filter, little fibers were dispersed into the aquarium water. My question is, is there a particular brand or type of quilt batting people have used successfully in their canister filters?

Secondly, I am having trouble when trying to do maintenance on my C360. Do you have to pour out the water within the canister filter in order to get the trays to lock back in place appropriately? there seems to be too much bouyancy (sp?) with the trays and I can't get them to lock back into place in order to close and seal the canister back up. Hence, I had to pour out water from the canister into a bucket first, it caused a mess, yada, yada, I doing something wrong???

Any help would be great. Thanks!
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