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two Malawians need sexing

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Hi, the peacock was bought from a lfs about ten months ago and had quite intense orange and blue around the face, i was assured by the owner that it was a male. Except it lost it's colour and only now does it appear to be coming back, total length 4 inches.

The elongatus chalosi was given to me by a friend after his impressive male bred with some of his females, we believe them to be genuine chalosi and the male looks like most online reference. We chose this as it appeared the most male like of the juvys. but six months in my tank and i'm thinking it's a female. total fish length is 3 inches

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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It's not the topic that is keeping you from getting answers!

I don't think pic # 1 is a pure peacock of any kind, but I do think it's a female...Looks like a cross between peacock and something else, possibly mbuna.

If it was full colour when you got it and faded, it was likely hormoned.

I can't say for sure about pic # 2. It looks like a female, but I can't confirm that it's an elongatus.

No way to be 100% sure about either fish, but if I had to bet on them both, I'd bet they were females.

I don't think the fish in pic # 1 is stressed, though...Look at the fins!

The fin shape and body shape just don't look pure peacock to me, it's just looking rather "full bodied" for a 4 inch peacock, and then it almost looks like there's a splash of some faint colour on the "forehead"???

I'm just "thinking out loud", MalawiLover! :thumb:

I keep peacocks, but you've got alot more experience with them than I do. I've never had one to lose colour that wasn't stressed enough to show it in other ways, too.

Are there any other male peacocks that look similar to the way this one initially looked in the tank?

The sunshine could be making this one "colour down", but if the pic is an accurate portrayal of what he looks like as far as colour goes, I can't imagine him colouring down that much! And, at that size, even if it was a hormoned male when you first got it, he should be showing natural colour by now.

The body and facial shape just keep nagging at me...

Sorry we can't be of more help and give you a definitive answer! :-?

1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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