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Trying to keep the peace, need help!

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Hi all,

I've had this tank setup for a about a year now, and everything has been fine until a week ago, my peaceful guys have gone violent. I know its a weird setup I 've got, but everybody was getting along fine.

And the strange thing its not the guys i expected to be aggressive that are.

The venestus is fine, and no one is bothering the frontosa.

This all started when the Cop. Borleyi started mating with the OB Peacock (weird right). Since then the two peacocks and the Borleyi are each ocher all day, and the fights have spread to the S. Fryeri. Even my two labs are going at each others throats.


Here's my setup:
210G with lots of rocks and decorations
2 Yellow labs Male
2 Red Peacocks (One is much more colorful than the other ,1 male 1, female?)
1 Cop. Borleyi
1 Venistus
2 Greshaki Female (I think)
2 S. Fryeri
1 Frontosa
1 OB Peacock Female
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I'm sure this isn't the first time you've been told this, but your stock list is all wrong for any semblance of success with this tank.

You either need to keep one of each species and go all male, or choose less species to keep and form breeding groups out of those species.

If you go all male, you won't want any species that closely resemble each other, or two males of one species.

If you go with breeding groups, I would pick 6 species that aren't likely to crossbreed, and keep them in large enough groups to disperse aggression amongst them.

As you have it now, everyone is just going to try to breed with everyone else. There are no real "lines" drawn.

Once the frontosa matures, you will likely find you're missing a few mbuna, anyway, so I would decide whether I wanted fronts or Malawi cichlids. (They don't have the same dietary needs, and problems will arise as they grow up.)

Your fish are maturing, and odds are that it will only get worse in the tank as they do.

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Yeah, I found that out after having the fish, just really bad LFS advice. I figured that I would see how it would work out. No real surprise that it didn't in the end.

Given that I'm now in the situation that I have to do something and I'll have to donate some fish back to a LFS, what groups do you suggest I split these guys into so I can decide what go's and what stays if I went either all male or breeding groups.

You have a lot of really good options with a tank your size. The cookie cutters may help you decide what to keep, get rid of, or add. ... er_75g.php

No one can tell you what to keep. Thats up to you. The suggestions by the Moderators in the cookie cutter section will help get you in the right direction. Make up a list and post it and I'm sure someone with a tank close to your size will help winnow out the details.

Good luck. The fun is just beginning. :)
The only thing I would definitely remove would be the front.

Then, I would choose 6 groups from the remaining stock and build proper breeding groups out of them.

I prefer breeding groups over all male tanks. I like to see all the interaction between the species, and just find the all male tanks somewhat boring in contrast.

It's up to you! :thumb:

I have 3 yellow labs that I'm pretty sure are all males because I've had them close a year with no holdings or fry. One was getting picked on so bad recently, by one of the others, that I had to remove him. I got another and hopefully it's female. Right now I'm not even sure I will keep the labs indefinately though.

I agree with Kim, I'd get rid of the front., it will probably end up eating your other fish eventually, and get more of your other species.
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