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Troubles ahead?

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Chalosi, Orange Blotch Zebra, Demasoni, Red Zebra, Msobo, Socolofi, Chipokae, Flavus, Maingauo, Cobalt Blue..

I have 21 fish all juveniles and I couldn't tell you how many of each there are but there is for sure multiple Demasoni, Zebras, Mainguao and Msobo. I do know there is only one Chipokae and so far the most agressive are the Msobos, although they are all feisty.

I ordered these from livefishdirect it was their mixed mbuna special garaunteed to be colorful and work well together in your tank.. I don't think the Chipokae belongs in there, probably not the Demasoni either. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully the high numbers keeps the agression down.

PS.. This confirmation code **** needs to go!
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Imo as they mature you will have problems with all the zebras whether it is aggression or crossbreeding or most likely both. You probably should pick one type metriaclima and go for the 1m /4 f of your choice. Sell/trade the other zebras. I am a fan of the flavus and the msobo as I have both in my tank and they rock :thumb: As far as the others I have not kept any so I can't comment
Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm new to Cichlids but what is wrong with them crossbreeding? Wouldn't that make some interesting colored fish?
What is the size and dimensions of your aquarium?

The confirmation code greatly reduces the amount of spam this forum receives. I appreciate it can be a bit of a chore, but the forum would be overrun with spam without it.

Crossbreeding can yield interesting colour combinations, but most often not. It is frowned upon, because most responsible hobbyists would like to know what they are getting, when they purchase fish, instead of an unknown mix.
It is a 4' 55g.

About the code thing, I'm using IE and have a heck of a time seeing it through the photo background. I think I figured out how to refresh it without losing my post though lol.
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