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Tropheus sp. Black Pemba

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Will T Dubious be okay with the Pemba ?? breeding wise, don't want they to mix breed

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THey should be fine... What type of dubosi are you thinking about getting? The only type I would worry about is maswa and even then I think you would not get any hybridization.

Are your pictures Kiriza kaisers? They look a little yellow to be bembas, but it could just be the photo. :wink:
They are Orange in color, the sun was beaming onto the tank at the time we took the shots !
Tropheus Maswa as We currently have around 50 fry !

Must admit they not the best pictures :oops:
Those are gonna be some nice looking bembas... They are showing ALOT of color for being so small. 8)
Duboisi can be kept with any other species of tropheus except another Duboisi type wthout fear of crossbreeding.

So that being said you will be fine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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