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I´m trying to set up a new tank at my office and got hooked on Tropheus.
I got this idea that I want to try to breed them, not just "have fish". I want to keep them and breed them.
I´ve been trying to read up on the needs and specifications of the fish and the opinions differ quite a lot from Swedish sites and American sites that I visit. The available space today is 220 x 80 cm / 86" x 31,5" BUT the entrance is to narrow to use all that space unless I cut back on tank size.
So I thought, lets place two tanks there instead. So basically a 43" x 31,5" x 24" for Tropheus.
So my quest began to seek out information on short but wide tanks and got positive and some negative information. It seems like length is important so that the males can get distance from each other, the longer the better, as in almost every case. I found a thread where an almost identical dimension, just a little bit lower and it seemed to be an acceptable size.
I then tried to compare different sizes, both European and American standard sizes, to get length, diagonal length and footprint (see attached picture)

Since a standard 75 gallon seem to be acceptable for small colony I don´t see why my proposed tanks would be unsuitable. 5" shorter in length and 39% larger footprint must be a better deal right? Or should I just accept fact and get a 720 liter and accept that that´s a better choice. Bigger is always better but my office has physical limitations which I need to adapt to.

I want at least two different variants of Tropheus so that means if I go single tank
Duboisi/??? to avoid maxing and with two tanks I could chose freely.
Since I will seperate the water mass I´m protected against diseases, solo species tank breed better and what more pros can you see with this setup?
So, what do you say? Will it work out or am I just trying to convince myself again better knowledge?


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