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tropheus question

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today is the first time i looked at tropheus'... they are beautiful fish, and i may have regretted buying the fish i did... i have a 90 setup with mixed malawi species... i wanted colorful fish, but man, i am loving the tropheus...

this probably will never happen, but if i decide to get a bigger tank, (mine now is a 90), what would you guys do... would you use a bigger tank for tropheus, or is a 90 good enough to house these guys in... my goal before i looked at these fish was to have a big tank for haps, and mbuna... but now that i have seen tropheus', i wish i had done these guys instead. i don't know much about tropheus, but in cookie cutter, for 75 gal, they say 12-15... and only 1 species... i take it that because they are so aggresive, tropheus' are a 1 species in a tank type of fish... also, are there only certain types of tropheus you can get... it would be hard to choose which species to have in tank... i think many of them are gorgous fish...
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Welcome to the addiction known as Tropheus. Tropheus are crazy, the next thing you know your smallest tank in the House is a 115 gallon, and you have no TV or Stero. You gave all that away to make room for more tanks. :wink:

In a 90 gallon you can keep about 20-22 fish that will reach adult size without much a issue as long as the filtration on the aquarium is 7-10X turnover if your using canisters and hang on the back (HOB) filters. If your going to use a wetdry, and with Tropheus I really think wet-dry's are better suited for them, make sure your pump and overflow box has the capacity to turnover the tank atleast 4-5X per hour.

So a 90 Gallon would need about 630 to 900 GPH (canisters/HOB's) of filtration or about 450 gph capacity if using a wet dry and pump combo.

There are sources of Wild Tropheus from the Southern Part of the lake and from Tanzanian Coast. Most of the Northern Tropeheus and Congo Tropheus is a very rare collection these days due to political reasons in the region.

Tank raised and pond raised Tropheus is availible in the US of almost all the collected species in the last 10 years. So there is a good to large selection of them, you just got get with a breeder or a online dealer. There is a lot of good online dealers that support this site, look at the review section for mail order fish, and start looking.

In the meantime, read as many posts in this forum about their food, care, and aquarium setups. If you got more questions just ask, someone will answer them.

Take care,

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thanks geoff...

i will start reading up on these guys. even if i don't end up getting any, the knowledge i will get will be rewarding enough... my 90 right now has an AC110, and a marineland HOB 250... i did have a sump, but i took it apart when i moved my tank and restocked it, so right now it is not up and running, but someday it will, so i think i'd have plenty of filtration in the tank... this is a very, and i mean very slight chance this will happen, and if it does, i know it won't be soon, as there is no place for a BIG tank in my house... we plan on moving soon(or at least i hope), market is sucking where i live right now, but hopefully within a few years we'll be in a new house... then i'll really start researching, but i just wanted to say hey to all the tropheus adicts, as i think i am now too, even though i don't have any :).
thanks again for all the info...
I haven't gone as far as getting rid of the TV but I stopped paying for cable since the added funds could be used for Tropheus related stuff :lol: :thumb:
I have no TV or Stereo entire living spaces are filled with fish tanks all with Tropheus.. :D
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