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The terms 'Tropheus,' 'peace,' and 'harmony' seldom occur in combination, and Tropheus generally do best in a species tank. That said, if you have some fairly robust rock dwellers, for example Julidochromis or Neolamprologus leleupi, and appropriate rockwork, the Tropheus will generally ignore them. Shellies don't do well with Tropheus because the Tropheus are too hyperkinetic.

Irrespective of whether you have a few rock-dwellers, your tank should be sufficient to maintain a Tropheus colony of 15+ individuals. The precise number will depend on the sex ratio and the particular Tropheus population you have chosen. I'd suggest that you pick a relatively mellow Tropheus population to start out with and raise a group of young fishes together. Personally, I'd go with T. sp. 'Ikola' (like my avatar); they are on the low end of the Tropheus aggression scale, and you can't beat Ikola for a 'Wow Factor.' Good luck! :thumb:
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