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ok so heres the deal i cant seem to find any good awnsers to my questions and i a bit confused. so the first day i got my dubs they mated she has been holding for 18 days now. last night her mouth was small back down to normal size, she was eating like normal, even scooping up sand and spitting it out like she wasnt holding anymore. my first thought was that was so quick she must have rejected them. but now today her mouth is big again and is acting like she was before, seeming to be tumbling the eggs and everything.
Q- can she spit the eggs out go do stuff then gather it back up?
Q- how long is the gestation period?
Q- i have her in a 115g with 15dubs, 3 frontosa, 1 white calvis,1 red fin compressicep, 1 Neolamprologus brichardi, and 1 Julidochromis transcriptus. should i get her in her own tank because fear of having the fry eaten or rely on the maternal nature of the fish to keep them safe?

any advice please hepl i dont want to screw this up haha.
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