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Hi all
Apologies for first post being a 'help please' request.
I'm new to tropheus but long term fish keeper including tanganiykan.
Have a group of 13 ikola in a 300l tank. (3 syno petricola and 1 julidochromis) Been with me 2/12 and no previous issues.
Have noticed 3 fish with seeming buoyancy issues tonight. Seem to be higher in water column than usual and struggling to swim down. Using pectoral fins more than usual and gills seem reddened / inflamed. Feeding well with others (spirulina flakes / veg pellets only, once daily). No slime / bloating evident.
Water: ammonia / nitrites 0, nitrates 10 (from tap), 30-40% water change weekly with bioactive tapsafe.
Have video if of any use?
Any advice on whether this is bloat or other problem?
Many thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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