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Trimming a sponge filter

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I just got my Marineland sponge prefilter kit in and the sponge is rather large for my tank. Would it be benificial to trim it down so that it fits my tank size better or replan decorations to allow its size. ... 0029-1.jpg
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I wouldn't trim it down. Just plant some decorations or additional rock to hide it from view.
Shamne you couldn't have mounted it behind the rocks on teh left, that would have hidden it.
There are more decorations I just couldn't figure out how to mesh them back properly.

I had some spare PVC though so I'm going to make the filter set higher so the decorations can be set back teh way I intended. I have a piece of mopani that I'm going to tie corkscrew vals to and set up in front of the pump to semi hide it at least.
Ok after dredging the tank three times and I have this as the end result.

Jets look good for now

I checked the flow of the tank by throwing in some floating and sinking pellet food the results are promising though the flow is a bit heavier on the right side of the tank as opposed to the left. Mind this is without decorations but if I can set them up proper they wont do that much to hamper the jets flow.

Squiggles that give an idea of how the jets flow

Would it be a good idea to place some form of stone in the way of the rightmost jet to hamper it's flow rate (highest flow rate)? I took a platty from the community tank and put it in there to see how it would react and it was practically blown right into the corner. I maintain that it could have escaped the current if it stopped trying to fight with it but it was rather sad to watch.

Also thinking of extending the tall left one some more so that it reachest the top of the water level to act like a pseudo powerhead. It doesn't really hamper the HOB filter's intake where it is but I figure the extra surface aggitation wouldn't hurt. I tried pointing the middle jet straight up and got an interesting bit of surface aggitation but the tank is currently about a half inch lower than it should be water level wise (compensation for when decorations are added) and I'm not sure if it will cause overflow when the water levels restored.

Idea Squiggles
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