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Hey guys was searching the forums and couldn't find to much info on these guys. Im thinking about trading in a group of unitas for tricolors and am not sure exactly what to expect from the jumbos and had a few questions.

1. I know the jumbos can sometimes be more aggressive such as kitumbas, but tri-colors are listed as mildly aggressive and not highly so can I expect close to the same aggression level as my unitas? They males chase once in awhile but never corner each other or harm each other. I have 10males to only 4 females so I think the excessively high number of males may contribute to this and am afraid if I get only 3 male tricolors with 3 or 4 females+ a group of fry the males might kill each other.

2. Are fry thicker bodied like adults or are they just as slim and edible to other fish as nonjumbos?

3. Do they take longer to reach breeding age than nonjumbos?

4. How big can I expect them to get, I know they say 6inches but I'm assuming this is maximum and not the usually reached size. If so how long would it take for them to reach this size?

5. Finally, I have never had a problem with cyp wasting with my unitas, gathering from others experiences this seems to be more of an issue with jumbos. Is that with the more aggressive variants or should I expect wasting in tricolors to be an issue.

The guy does not now the exact collection point just that they are "tricolors" they are all yellowhead yellowtail jetblack fins. He also has kitumba and mbita and is a trusted breeder/dealer so do you think it is worthy to pick these guys up in hopes of breeding and further spreading this strain through the cichlid community? Any input appreciated as always guys!
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I have kept Utintas for a number of years in my 240G together with lots of other Tanganyikans. Most people who see my Utinta ask is they are some type of jumbo Utinta, because they have never seen other Utintas that large. I think it's due to having gown up in such a large tank. I got them at just over 1". I don't get fry from these, because fry don't survive in the tank, and females are impossible to catch with all my rockwork.

About two months ago I acquired a colony of Tricolors that are now in my 125G. I am keen to breed them and they have only BN plecos and some juvenile L. similis as tankmates. The Tricolors are about the same size as my Utintas, and I was assured they have bred and are fully grown. I started with 4 males and 3 females. I lost one female that jumped out of a tiny hole in the cover where the return pipe from the filter comes in. Despite the unfavorable sex ratio, aggression does not seem to be an issue. Overall, I find the Tricolors very peaceful and similar in temperament to my Utintas. I am eagerly awaiting to see the first holding female :)

My understanding is that Tricolors derive their name from the three different color varieties of males that are part of each colony in the wild. For that reason I was very happy to find a colony in which all three types of males were present. I have one blue male with yellow head and yellow tail, one male with black fins, and two blue males with yellow fins. My goal in breeding them would be to maintain the natural variety.

If a colony was bred selectively for blue males with yellow head and yellow tail - probably the most stunning variety - then in my humble opinion they would cease to be true 'Tricolors', and become a man made strain.

That said, if you bought a colony that had only one type of males, but was still genetically close to the wild, then you could have fry including all three types of males, since the genetic material for the other males might still be present in the females or recessed in the males you have.

Sorry for the long posts that answered few of your questions, but I just thought I share my thoughts on Tricolors, which are currently some of my favorite fish :thumb:
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Hey thank you so much for the response! Its funny I posted the same post here and in the Tang forum and this one was the first to respond!

My main concern is I keep them in a 29gallon tank. I was told many times this is not doable with any cyp but raising from fry and providing good cover with rockwork and tall plants to break up lines of vision and territories I decided I would attempt and it had been a huge success!! My concern is Tri-colors are considered a "jumbo" and it makes me nervous about switching but a lot of people say they are not that much larger than the unitas it seems. I would never attempt kitumba or livua in a tank this size but if tri-colors are as peaceful as it sounds than I am half tempted to give it a shot and if it doesn't work out just trade for my unitas back.

I do keep any other cichlids so they have the whole tank besides a few small catfish and tetras and a single leftover paracyp nigripinnis survivor from a long time ago.
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