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Hey guys was searching the forums and couldn't find to much info on these guys. Im thinking about trading in a group of unitas for tricolors and am not sure exactly what to expect from the jumbos and had a few questions.

1. I know the jumbos can sometimes be more aggressive such as kitumbas, but tri-colors are listed as mildly aggressive and not highly so can I expect close to the same aggression level as my unitas? They males chase once in awhile but never corner each other or harm each other. I have 10males to only 4 females so I think the excessively high number of males may contribute to this and am afraid if I get only 3 male tricolors with 3 or 4 females+ a group of fry the males might kill each other.

2. Are fry thicker bodied like adults or are they just as slim and edible to other fish as nonjumbos?

3. Do they take longer to reach breeding age than nonjumbos?

4. How big can I expect them to get, I know they say 6inches but I'm assuming this is maximum and not the usually reached size. If so how long would it take for them to reach this size?

5. Finally, I have never had a problem with cyp wasting with my unitas, gathering from others experiences this seems to be more of an issue with jumbos. Is that with the more aggressive variants or should I expect wasting in tricolors to be an issue.

The guy does not now the exact collection point just that they are "tricolors" they are all yellowhead yellowtail jetblack fins. He also has kitumba and mbita and is a trusted breeder/dealer so do you think it is worthy to pick these guys up in hopes of breeding and further spreading this strain through the cichlid community? Any input appreciated as always guys!
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