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I have a 65 gallon tank that is lightly plantes with some Cabomba, anubias nana, and small swords.
a 3.5 inch female and a 6inch male jack dempsey.
and a small 3 inch suncatfish (bullseye catfish)

the jacks are quite gentle the were held with some fin nipping tetras when they were smaller before i move them. but the suncat with eat any small tetra that fits in its mouth.

so my question is what else could i put in with them that would be small enough to not be a threat to the dempseys yet large and hardy enough that the suncat wont just gobble them up.

whether dithers or a pair of smaller cichlids. i was also looking to preferably adding some colourful top swimmers if possible. the bottom is busy with these three already and is full some some painted PVC and Plants.
the fish also need to not tear apart mh plants.

i know its a hard question but please all opinions welcome.
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