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Treating with Pure Metro

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I have started to treat a 33 gal tank stocked with 7 juvenile peacocks. Two of the peacocks are not eating so I have added two treatments (one last night and one this morning 1/2 teas each) of pure metro powder from Jehmco. Is there a way to get the powder to completely dissolve or does it matter? I am just mixing the metro in a cup with water from the tank. Should I turn off my HOB filter for 30 minutes so that the metro is not pulled into the filter media??
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you would increase your odds for successful treatment, if you could identify a food they will mouth, and premix the metro into it. treating a water volume (with metronidazole) is pretty much an impossible task, IMO. you could try scenting the feed/drug mix, with a few drops of garlic juice, to help convince finicky fish to mouth it. metro treatments should run for 10 days, while dosing in 8-10 hr. intervals. water changes as usual.
if the fish has no interest, in any attempt to feed, then i would switch to a medication that has better success with volume water type treatments. 'clout' is a good choice. HTH.
remove your filter media then treat...I got mine from them also.
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