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So as seen on another post I am looking at a new tank set up and have in my mind what I want litre wise and equipment.

I have seen a second hand aquarium come up thats about an hour and a half drive away. Price is great, but he wants to sell the fish before he lets the tank go (obviously).

As it happens the tank is stocked with around 22no juveniles - not mbuna as I had originally set my heart on but some Tropheus.

I'm half minded to say I will take the tank and fish, but aside from thinking about bags, heat mats and polystyrene boxes would it be too much of a rush job to keep fish in them without bottled oxygen in bags, transport, fill tank, get to temperature and ensure filter media doesnt tank it?

Perhaps better to wait for him to sell fish, at risk of someone taking the aquarium too....

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This really depend on just how much you want those fish.
Totally do-able if you place them temporarily after transport into a big, Rubber Maid trashcan, or some kind of large tub. I would keep things going in those temporary containers during tank set up, with running the filtration that is installed on the aquarium NOW.
Lot of advantages that way.
- You get the fish.
- You get established filtration.
Just may want to be (very) careful when acclimatizing those to their new water parameters at your home. Because, your water might be a lot different from where they are located now. Other than that, the big question is: how much do you want those fish?
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