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Transport by car

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How would it do to transport fish by car in a largish plastic tub with a heater and sponge filter run off the car's 12V?
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Should work fine, you'll need a power inverter. How long is the drive?
In my experience anything more than 1/4 full of water will slosh out.

for anything less than 2 hours. a pop bottle filled with hot water will serve as a heater.
I wouldn't worry about a filter running if its only a couple hours. From my experience you should put a bag inside a bin and tie that bag tight leave an air bubble in the bag. They will be fine in that.
GTZ said:
How long is the drive?
It's a hypothetical drive, but I was thinking of something on the order of 8 - 10 hours.

pistolpete said:
In my experience anything more than 1/4 full of water will slosh out.
1/4 full? What were you driving on, a bobsled track? :eek: I could use the tub's matched lid with a quarter-area hole cut in the center, maybe some weather stripping to make it watertightesque.
Go ahead, try it. Put a tupperware container 1/2 full of water in your trunk the next time you drive to work. Maybe with a really good lid it might work, but it sure surprised me how much things slosh.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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