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i wonder how many gallons of water fill the tanks of all of the members here combined. i would like to find out and try to get a comparison to different bodies of water. i am sure that there are at least enough gallons to equal many of the small lakes that i have been to.


20 gallon fry and nursery tank
30 gallon tall yellow lab species tank
55 gallon mbuna and hap
125 gallon hap and mbuna


total: 230 gallons

LIST THE NEW TOTAL: (add your total to the total from the last post)

230 gallons

p.s. sorry for those who do not use gallons. there is a handy conversion tool in the library for those who need it.

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75 gallon mbuna/syno setup
55 gallon Yellow lab & Lithobates setup
50 gallon misc african holding tank/growout
30 gallon long Lab. Hongi & Ngara flametail setup
29 gallon Afra Jalo Reef setup
20 gallon grow out x 3
10 gallon grow out x 5
349 gallons'ish total

New C-F total: 579

I'm sure it will grow some. Planning a 125 Malawi hap setup to house my Spilonatus, Fryeri and others. 8)

Edit: oops I threw things off forgot to do new C-F total. :oops:

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120g-mbuna tank
75g-planted tank
40g-killifish tank
29g-endlers tank
20g-dicrosuss tank
20g-julie tank
20g-calvus tank
10g-shellie fry
10g-shellie fry
10g-goby tank
10g-bb tank
5g-beta tank

My total is 369 gallons filled (plus 175g not filled)

Total CF user gallons so far 868 gallons

300gal Mbuna
150gal. Tang.
55gal. Tangs
30gal. Fry grow out
20gal. Fry grow out
20gal. Fry grow out
10gal. hospital
585 gals. for me

New C-F total is 4721 gal.

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443 gallons
new c-f total=5146 gallons

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125 x 6 (two 100'a for wet/dry = 1000 gallons total
120 gallon
75 gallon x 2 = 150
55 gallon
30 gallon
20 x 4 = 80
10 x 2 = 20

total 1455 gallons here


ps tanks with fish above i have sveral emty tanks!!!!

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Sure.... I'll play. :)
Listed aquarium volumes are total, (filtration included) volume capacity,

205G C/A Community
155G C/A Comunity
115G Malawi Reef
57G S/A Heavily Planted Community
57G African Riverine
46G Heavily Planted Asian Community
33G Tanganyikan Community
30G C/A 'Wet Pet'
20G Quarantine
10G Quarantine
6G Fry Grow-Out
5G S/A Heavily Planted
- 739 Gallons -
New Cichlid Forum Total = 8369 GALLONS 8)

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300 Gal Indoor Tropical Cichlid Pond
125 Gal Mixed Cichlids
55 Dwarf Cichlids
40 H Sev & Dwarf Cichlids
29 Young Cichlids
26 Famcy Guppies (my girlfriends)
20 H Dwarf Cichlids
5 Betta
2.5 Betta

602.5 Total

C-F Total = 9,335.5

PS - Sorry for the half, lol
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