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A while back my plan for my 180 was to run 2 over flows, boxed acrylic store/ craigs list bought and a mag18. Well I got one overflow that should be good for 800-100- gph? It has a 1" pvc out pipe. Yea... never got to setting it up. but now I made 2 pvc skimmer less overflows and i have the other one on there too. I have not completed my plumbing but probably will by tomorrow. I plan on having the pvc overflows hooked up to one aqua-lifter to keep bubble build up at bay.

My question is: Will having all 3 of these going reduce the flow so much that the overflows will have excessive bubble build up? it would be around 300ghp ish through each overflow. Or is it smarter to be able to have one completely clogged up and not overflow?

I guess I'm looking for reassurance here... idk... I over think some times.

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