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OK so here is the situation. My Nic pair are alone in a 46g with some Buenos Aires Tetras. They spawn and guard the fry very well. The Tetras get a bunch but 50 or so still make it. They raise the babies for about 3 months. Then they spawn again. They never eat their own. I have been getting rid of the grown out babies but it is getting more difficult to rehome them.

My Male HRP and female Con do the same. But only three or so hybrids make it in the 75g community. These I would not distribute.

Now two of the hybrids paired in the same 75g and have eggs. So more hybrids that I cant do anything with (although they are very nice looking.

The Nics spawning I can live with. But I must somehow seperate the Adult HRP and Con. I would have to remove the male as I am sure if I removed the female Con he would move on to the female HRP Leucistic. I have a 26g with an Apisto pair. The male HRP could go there as he is pretty melloow.

After I somehow seperate them (no more tanks, and I wont part with either adult) should I euphenize all the hybrids? Some are 3". I hate to do it but have no other options.

Sort of thinking out loud her. Any other suggestions.

I am willing to give the hybrids away but that is a very bad idea.

The smaller less colorful female hybrid at about 2"

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