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There are actually two F0 males in this 180 gallon tank...and one female. During breeding they will posture and flair. Here's the breeding male. Very unusual to see such beautiful trailers on either of a pair of breeding cichlids. These do...and as I recall, so did the adult fish we caught in the wild. Very cool.

Here's the breeding male.

The pair of A. hogaboomorum are breeding again. I was photographing the pair as they were flashing alongside. And by luck caught this pose. Female on top...male behind.

Close up of the eye of Hericthys "Rio Salto"

And the fish residing in a 100 gallon tank, solo.

I recently moved my Breidohri into a 300 gallon tank with some smaller fish. The pair started off in this tank as fry. Lots of room for this bruiser to move around.

Male and breeding female. There are two females in the tank. The breeding half has much more vibrant colors.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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