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Like clockwork after a 75% water change the pair is back to business. Their behavior is almost predictable at this point. I like getting shots like this one...

...but like anything else, being in the right place at the right time is key. That is unless you know how to "push the fish button". When guarding her clutch of eggs...

...the female will remain relatively close, either fanning the eggs ensuring a constant flow of water or doing a visual inspection for anything amiss. The male for the most part will stick to the periphery doing the big job of border patrol...meaning keeping an eye on the

I use a variety of lens when shooting this tank. I was using a 70-300mm zoom for these I was about 8-9 feet (lens) away from the tank. I have a choice...wait for the shot, hoping they will deliver...or making it happen. I chose the latter. All I do is step in and put my hand on the glass. The female who is normally just attentive...

...immediately responds by first responding to me... immediately turning her attention to her mate. It's like she get mad that I somehow got close and he didn't catch it. LOL And she responds like clockwork...

...flaring at Mr. Managuense. One more move to the glass draws the male to the left of the tank across her path..,when I step back for the shot I generally catch a little one-on-one between the pair. It's interesting behavior. I speculate that the females aggression toward the male keeps him attentive and on edge. It would be like going home and every time you walked by the wife on the couch she stood up and smacked you behind the head with a magazine...just to keep your attention.

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