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Lots of "deep cleaning" this weekend in the fishroom. All in all a good experience. Most of my photos are taken while I am either emptying or filling another tank. Coincidentally it's also when I have the majority of my spills. Nothing quite like hearing that water splash off the concrete floor.

I am really digging these Platinum Honduran Red Points. From what I can see the female does not get the same distinct orange belly common to their close relative...the convict. It wasn't until I got this shot of the breeding male kiting alongside one of the other suitors in the tank.

It's easy to get these shots set up. All I do is put food in the side of the tank claimed by two of the four HRP's in the 100 gallon tank. Their natural breeding instinct brings the breeding behavior..and it's awesome to watch and photograph. Here's a battle you can't win. When the breeding pair team up on the suitor, it doesn't take much persuasion to go home.

The "kiting" behavior isn't exclusive to the larger cichlids. Here the non breeding male HRP does his best to try and lure the female away.

Flaring the operculum, the male make is known that he is ready to hold off a frontal display from the lucky breeders.

Pure timing. When I took the photo the fish was facing right. His turn was coincidentally timed with the shutter closing. Because I was shooting at 1/250th I was able to stop action. The motion shot wouldn't...couldn't have been planned. Luck.

My Amphilophus nourisati...abut 9" in a 300 gallon tank with a few other grow outs and the Blue Labridens. Really nice fish.

One of the things I like most about the F0 A. hogaboomorum is the beautiful fins and extensions. Here's the retreating end of the large male.

Here's one of the juveniles (I have a few dozen in tanks as dithers/targets. Just a beautiful pose...

Of my seven original F0 H. Labridens "blue" Taninul Springs, I have this lone pair left. They are in the 300 gallon with the Nourisati, and a small Robertsoni...and of course the Metynsis. When they paired up the immediately killed the remaining Labs one after another.

The male is about 10"

The female about 8"

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