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I probably photograph these two fish more than any other. The female F0 P. managuense from Honduras. All of these photos are shot using three flash units. Two on the top and one on the bottom.

The male in the middle of "kiting" in front of the female.

Female in pursuit of the male.

Close up of the fins;

The pair:

Paratheraps zonatum

The fish possesses a very large caudal fin. His body length at 14" makes the top and bottom of the caudal fin close to six inches.

Lit from the top you can see the beautiful markings on the dorsal fin.

One shot of my reclusive P. briedohri. He spends a lot of time sitting in or around a large pot in the tank. The two females in the tank with him move around a lot.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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