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Today in the Fishroom ~ 07/04/08 Vieja ufermanni

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Vieja ufermanni...

I've seen a few folks with this particular Vieja...but they aren't that common. I have three in a 100 gallon tank. The male is about 10"...there are two females (8" - 7"). I am about to pull one of the females out...not sure which. One is in really good shape, a bit bigger and the smaller has a few "bumps & bruises"...but seems to have more balls (attitude) and appears to be actively pursuing the male. More often than not she is in breeding coloration. There has yet to be a spawn...and I think the male is either confused on if he likes girls or boys...or he's just confused. But which one comes out? Anyway....Here's the male:

Male again with the female in the back. Note the darker breeding coloration. When the two females square off they turn a very nice black and white with an iridescent sheen. Very pretty.

And it's all about timing. I love photographing breeding cichlids. They can care less what you are doing in front of tank. Here's the female in the middle of flashing the male. She does this often. I wanted to get a shot of her flashing and the maile's reaction...he puffs out the operculum and his fins go erect. I snapped the photo a split second too early. You can see the male just starting. Better luck next time.

More of these soon.
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Cool looking colors, don't remember seeing those Viejas before. Love the turqoise colors.
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