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Today in the Fishroom ~ 05/22/08 Paratheraps synspilus

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I had a few empty tanks and decided to pull some fish from the pond. On Sunday I pulled two Synspilum...male and a female. When I looked yesterday the female had already laid eggs in the pot. I wish it was always this easy. :)

I think the female does this lip locking just to keep the male on track and interested.

I don't know how the male actually got into the pot. He's much larger as you can see (about 12")

But if there was any doubt to his intent....this tells the story. Lovin the fish porn!

Folks have been asking for full tank shots. When I can I will try and grab them. The trouble is that the way I light the tank the left and right of the "sweet spot" generally lies in shadow.

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The Coloring on those fish is insane!!!! Awesome as usual, maybe more awesome than usual!
I deffinately see what you mean by the sweet spot now! Thanks for the tank shot! Deffinately helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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