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i am getting ready for an upgrade, and i've been thinking my filtration system through. i was originally planning to run dual canisters as sumps have always been foreign to me, but last night i actually took the time to start reading and understanding how they work and what they require. fascinating!

questions i'm at right now... when i shop for a filter i can read manufacturer specs and get an idea of what i need for my setup. at this point with a sump, i haven't found any guidelines that out right say you should have xxx for an xxx size tank. is there a rule of thumb? i realize bigger is better, but space gets limited and i wouldn't want to knowingly underfilter my tank if i went with a sump.

i'm planning a 120 - 150 gallon tank, 6 ft long.

how do i determine the dimensions for the overflow, and how do i determine what pump i need for the return?

and on the superficial side... do sumps smell? i know my canister is fishy when i pop it open... bleh. :wink:

any help, information, links would be great! :thumb:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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