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So I have a breeding pair of Wild Fire Fin comps in a 29 gallon with 8 Wild Paracyps, and today I found out that my one eyed male fire fin that lives in a 240 with my wild Mpimbwe Gibs is actually a female. She decided to breed with my wild Kipili Comp male. I'm not keeping any of the fry by the way. So my question is should I try and put her in the 29 with the other two? I know males can have a good size harem, but I do not want alot of aggression between females. Also I do not want my paracyps to stress out. Is this a good idea or should i just leave it alone. I only want to do this is because two things. More fire fin comps $$$$ and I would like my Kipili Comps to breed.

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Are the fire fins in the 29 gallon doing well and breeding?
Ya doing great. thats another reason why i'm not sure if I should do it.
I wouldn't mess with something that is working out well, with the fish breeding. Just leave her where she is.
K. Do you think when I move them to a 55 4ft tank I could have both females in it?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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