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To Be Or Not To Be...... Tram. Intermedius

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My male I have has three very easy to see at times black spots. As you can see in picture 1. In pic two its him showing more color and the black dots are less apparent. This is a "trio" I just got. Pics 3-4-5. Why do the fems and even the male seem to have way to much black and more like lines than just dots ? Pics 3-4-5 are of said trio.
Are these not tram's ?



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Ad Konings has stated that he's never seen the fish that is in the trade by the name of Tram. intermedius, which is indeed what you have. There is some variability in the pattern markings in this fish.

It is certainly not the REAL T. intermedius, which you can see in the Profiles here.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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