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Thoughts on 2nd Filter & outflow positioning

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2 questions for you folks:

Have my 72g Peacock/Hap tank up and running with a FX4 and all is good now, except trying to figure out the outflow positioning. How deep should I position to the return flow? Currently the heads our about 6" from the rim of the tank. when positioning the heads in an upward flow to create surface agitation, a pretty strong current in the tank is present where the fish are staying on one side of the tank. Any recommendations on adjustments?

Second question: With the FX4 in play, what are peoples thoughts on adding a AquaClear HOB? My thoughts were to put filter floss only for fine particles as well as an easy location to add/remove carbon. Anyone else share this tactic? If so, I'm considering the aqua clear 50 model for this task as I'd like a shallower HOB. Will the HOB add an observable noise increase?
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