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Thorichthys species ID

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Good day all!

Purchased these as "ellioti cichlid".
My experience and instincts tell me thorichthys aureum.

Just looking for confirmation.
Apologies for the bad cellphone pictures.

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The same store has sold aureum before for about 30 bucks each and I got all 6 for 50 bucks.

As you can see they're just with tetras, some plates and 1 or 2 Javanese rice fish.


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I managed to get some good natural light photos this morning to better show some of the markings.

I believe they were listed as ellioti "blue flash"
Excluding the fins it appears the iridescence is below the lateral line.

So maculipinnis?

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Interesting. I didn't realise there is so much history around that name, or that it wasn't a current species.

I have kept aureum before and they were around 4" though and had a pinkish base color. Quite different to these guys.

I would love to add some more thorichthys species if I can source some. Or even a cribroheros species.

I love the pictures! I would love to grow out a Robertsoni
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Thanks for the information Duane!
I always look forward to your replies.
There's certainly a lot more at play to trigger the evolutionary process than we typically think of as aquarists.

I see your point with the chuco intermedia, beautiful fish by the way

I suppose it's not crazy to think that some of the species within thorichthys may later be categorized as subspecies or regional variants of other species.
I was especially surprised to learn their close relation to trichromis Salvini.

It seems like every decade a bunch of variants get species status and a bunch of species get variant status. Ichthyology and specifically the taxonomy of freshwater new world cichlids must be a fascinating field to work in.

In the 20 years I've kept cichlids the names have changed a heck of a lot.

It appears these fish are actual maculipinnis which is fantastic news as I have never kept them in the past. Only t. Aureum, t. 'mixteco blue' and t. Meeki.
I'd love to find t. Socolofi or t. Passionis !

These young ones are very social and congregate a lot.
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