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This one look like its holding to you?

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Its only about an 1" and a half long...but it never looked like this before. Theres only 1 other lab in the I this what a fish looks like when its holding? Or is somthin wrong?

Please excuse the dirty glass...must got drips on it when messin with all the rocks...

and the new arrangement of rocks...I want to eventually phase out all the clay pots...but for now they give extra cover wheres its needed...

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Wow, I wonder what it spawned with...thats cool.

Its still small so I wasnt sure...but saweeet!
Yeah defo holding i would say, looks just like mine did when they was.
---HOLDING--- :eek:
EmagdniM said:
Wow, I wonder what it spawned with...thats cool.
It could have spawned with any of the fish in your signature.

Most of them would be able to dominate your other yellow lab, even if it is a male.

sweet! Im not doin anything special for it...jus basically letting nature take its course. But it would be cool to see one of the fry survive. The other yellow lab is the smallest in the tank so I know it wasnt should be interesting!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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